Baobab Collection - MY FIRST BAOBAB Scented Candle

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Baobab Collection - MY FIRST BAOBAB Scented Candle

We are pleased to present the new collection of small candles My first Baobab, in a creative packaging that brings together an olfactory identity closely tied to travels that we already celebrate with our large candles. Memories of Manhattan in April, a walk in Paris in May, Saint Tropez in August, December under the neon lights of Ocean Drive, January with the family in Brussels, or a trip to Miami in February. So many places and fragrances to discover in glass silk-screened by hand with 9-karat gold and platinum designs. To illustrate the My First Baobab collection, we partnered with French contemporary artist Victor Cord’homme, whose original painting,«Traffic» was placed behind our candles for photography

8cm | 190gr | 1 wick | Burning 30h

My First Manhattan: Lily of the Valley - Musk - Pine

My First Aurum: Precious Jasmin - Divine Musk

My First Paris: Tulips - Linden Path - Chestnut

My First Platinum: Amber - Grapefruit - Vetiver

My First St-Tropez: Mint - Blackcurrant - Rosemary

My First Miami: Cypres - Cedar - Musk

My First Ocean Drive: Mandarin - Cedar

My First Brussels: Cypres - Sandalwood - Honey