SAINT LOUIS, Versailles Vase 40cm
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SAINT LOUIS, Versailles Vase 40cm

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SAINT LOUIS, Versailles Vase 40cm

H 400(mm) - Ø 300(mm) 

Clear Crystal

It was in 1767 at the Palace of Versailles, that Louis XV signed the patent letter that would appoint Cristalleries Saint Louis as royal manufacturer. This precious document, which to this day is kept in the Saint Louis archives, bears witness to the ties between the two places, renewed through the ages and through the pieces (e g Versailles, Kings’ Hall, Trianon, Tommy collections Created at the start of the 1920 s, the Versailles vase calls for patience on the part of glass blowers and carvers, as well as infinite precision The vase’s shape originates from a seventeent h century marble vase, sculpted by Jean Cornu and still shown in the gardens of Versailles The expression of a purely French style, which today celebrates its centenary with Saint Louis To celebrate this centenary, and its bond with the Palace, in a light hearted way, Saint Louis is giving this vase a radical change in size! Versailles anniversary vase, 100 mm, clear crystal Band decorated with a rich cut, mixing côtes plates (flat cuts) with diamond points Round base (the original model of the Versailles vase) cut with short bevels forming a 16 branch star, Saint Louis x Palace of Versailles pontil mark and seal Product and packaging marked with the Saint Louis x Palace of Versailles seal