Odyssée - escale sauvage, crystal diffuser

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An exceptional diffuser, the very essence of Lalique’s refined expertise. The frosted crystal bottle creates a stylish soft feather motif, inspired by the ‘small leaves’ motif created by René Lalique in 1910. Adorned with a gleaming bottle neck, the diffuser holds sticks that plunge into a fragrant liquid, absorbing the scent and diffusing a powerful glimpse of another time and place. An olfactory voyage to be chosen from three high perfumery creations, depending on your mood.

  • Clear crystal
  • Perfume diffuser 16.9 fl. oz.(500 ml) with a refill of 16.9 fl. oz.(500 ml)
  • Diffusing time: about 3 to 6 months
  • Sticks provided