Baccarat Zenith Ellipse Oval Ceiling Chandelier 16 bulbs
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Baccarat Zenith Ellipse Oval Ceiling Chandelier 16 bulbs

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Inspired by cold-worked crystal, the chandelier references the magical malleability of the crystal form. The Zénith Ellipse shakes up the traditional assembly principles, notably with its slightly staggered branches that evolve from round to oval through anamorphosis. The central bowl in satin-like crystal is illuminated by LEDs (3000°K). The tubing is in polished stainless steel, with two 27.3 in extension leads available, and the canopy in nickel-plated polished brass. A feat of outstanding craftsmanship, the Clear crystal chandelier can be adjusted to any height. The 16-lights may be without lampshades or adorned with white pleated taffeta lampshades. The Ellipse takes the form of a delicate wave when seen from directly below. Levy’s Torch collection also reinterprets Baccarat lighting design classics. 


IP protection: IP 20 Material: Crystal / Fabric / Metal (Handcrafted) Type (Color) Crystal: Clear Finish: Stainless Steel Dimensions (HxWxD): cm.: 98 x 81 x 117 / inch.: 38.22" x 31.59" x 45.63" Bulb Qty.: 16 Weight lbs.: 66.14 Weight kg.: 30